Benefit for the American Heart Association

Proving that laughter is good for the heart as well as the soul, I am proud to announce that I will be performing at a special benefit for the American Heart Association with actor/comedian Billy Gardell from the hit TV show, ‘My Name is Earl,’ and Carnival Cruise Line’s Comedian of the Year, Al Ernst.  The event takes place at 8:00 PM Saturday, Feb. 9th at the Macon City Auditorium in Macon, Georgia.  This is a show that should not be missed. For more information, please call (478) 405-3200.  Learn and live everyone!poster2008.pdf

J4L Schedule

just for LaughsHere it is folks, as promised!

9:30pm Bubbling With Laughter

7pm Gala

8:30pm Comedy Nest

07.19 NO SHOW

9pm Comedy Nest

11:15pm Comedy Nest

See you at one of these venues!

I will also be featured at a special show at the Comedy Nest on July 22, for fans who would like to see the show in its entirety. Come out and see all the wild and crazy things I’m not allowed to do on television.

During the festival, i will be updating my blog daily. Yeah, right! We’ll see. Keep your fingers crossed.

Shameless Plug

On June 26, 2007, Shout! Factory will release The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 on DVD.

Why am I excited? I’m excited because it was one of my favorite games. I think my wife bought it for my birthday. I spent countless hours in front of the TV, bouncing, spinning and floating through countless levels while my wife studied for law school.

The Adventures of Super Maio Bros. 3 was also one of the first shows that I worked on as a voice director. It may mean that I’ll receive a check in the mail.

The show was released in 1991. I think I was 15 years old at the time and I consider it some of my best work. If you know anything about animated characters, you know how difficult they are to work with. “What’s my motivation?” Where’s my trailer and my green M&Ms? Where’s my other finger, why do I only have three fingers and a thumb? Why do I have to keep driving past the same house in this scene, over and over again?”. It’s enough to drive a poor animation director mad. Like Hitchcock used to say, “Disney had the right idea, if you don’t like an actor, you can just tear him up!”

The animated series spans three discs with 26 full-length episodes, and will feature tons of bonus materials and extra features. Suggested Retail Price is just $29.98.

The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 DVD will feature the following bonus materials:

Interactive The Adventures Of Super Mario Bros.® 3 Writers Bible
Learn the backstory of The Adventures Of Super Mario Bros.® 3
Meet the Marios & Koopas
Visit the worlds
View the artwork from concept to final
Hear the original music, and more