The jokes on Mickey (The Weather Man) when comedian Greg Morton stops by Fox 6 in Birmingham, AL.  Mickey finds out he has a weather kid of his own that he doesn’t know about.  Oh, Oh!  Better call Maury Povich.

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Greg Morton Espouses the benefits of Yoga

As many of you know, I have battled with weight loss for the past two years.  I have said, over and over to myself, “I’ve gotta lose weight, I’ve gotta lose weight… or hang around bigger people.”  I’ve tried everything from inline skating to Wii Fit.  You remember Wii Fit?  The One hundred-dollar bathroom scale that insults you!  If I want to be insulted by a video game, I’ll go online and get tea-bagged by some 14-year-old kid playing Halo.  Who needs that kind of humiliation?

Nothing can break these bonds of sedentary life  Every form of exercise I’ve tried ends in personal injury.  Until now.

Won’t you please watch my latest You Tube video and see why critics are calling Greg Morton the next Deepak Chopra.  Join me on my personal journey of mind, body, and spirit.  Drink the Kool Aid.  Watch, ‘Greg Hearts Yoga,’ and post your comments below.

Thank you.


While shopping for furniture the other day, I got this inspiration for a song parody about the frustrations of putting Ikea furniture together.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love Ikea.  Half the furniture in our home is Ikea.  Its design is clean and simple, it compliments any decor and it’s relatively inexpensive.  It’s also the number one cause of domestic disputes.

I also saw this as an opportunity to test my iPhone 4 camera.  This entire video was shot using my iPhone 4, using some of the apps available on the app store like the TimeLapse app and the 8mm app.  I also used the Animation Creator HD on my iPad to create some of the animations in the film.  Enjoy!