Greg Morton’s famous 2 minute Star Wars mash-up.

Greg’s appearance on Late Shift

Greg’s Home Invasion Reality Show

Obama Man Debut on The Bob and Tom Show

Winnipeg Comedy Festival

Greg Morton Impressions

You & Me This Morning Chicago Interview


6 thoughts on “Videos

  1. Robb Rhodes says:

    Great show in Rostraver this past Sunday. My side still hurt!

  2. David says:

    . Calgary, Alberta Canada March 13th, 2014

    Great show – tears in my eyes laughing so hard for 40 minutes. Greg – how about that drunk Cougar dame who crashed the stage? Great dance partner? The guy at the hotel room was pissed when she went back to room 507 and you were not there.

  3. audreyrusso says:

    One of the most brilliant talents around today…Greg Rocks!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Greg has been, will be and continues to be great at his craft at entertainment of others.

  5. Federico says:

    Thank you Greg.. your rock everytime!

  6. gregmorton says:

    Thank you Federico! 😉

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