Tour Dates

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Updated MAR. 6/2023  *ASTERISK  indicates newly added dates.  All dates are subject to change.




5/4 – 0ne Show in Kenai –

5/5 – One show in Wasilla –

5/6 – Two shows at KOOTS –

5/6 – HOST DURING THE DAY FOR THE Arctic Comic Con – + autograph session! WEBSITE LINK













385 thoughts on “Tour Dates

  1. I’m the Best Buy employee who met you today at the Burlington location. I see that you’re not in Ontario for a while. When will you be in Ontario so I can come to a show live?! Seeing reruns of just for laughs will not suffice!

  2. I’m afraid it doesn’t look too good my friend. It’s too bad because I used to love playing the Caravan. If you don’t mind driving to Lexington, you could always catch me there. I’ll be there sometime next year. 🙂


  3. Greg, I saw your show in Cleveland many years ago and I was literally in tears from laughing so hard. I have since moved to Denver. Any chance you will be in the Mile High city anytime soon?

  4. Hi Greg – I see you are performing in Toronto Dec 28 – is that gig open to the public and if so can you provide details ?
    Thanks – Leigh
    PS saw you in Tiimins at the NorOnt show one frozen March 1996 – that was a long time ago…( now I feel old !!)

  5. Since you are coming to Toronto on Dec 28th for a private fundraiser, any chance that you can make arrangements to do a show for your fans, perhaps at Yuk Yuks?

  6. Just wondering when Greg Morton would be coming back to indianapolis…..he was awesome and want to see him again….soon I hope!!!!….thanks

  7. Nothing yet, but soon! I have already been booked back at two other Loony Bins so I’m sure I’ll be back in the summer or fall. 🙂



  8. Alwys love going to your shows,have seen you in Cincinnati and Indianapolis, Any tour dates near those cities?

  9. Hey Greg, do you have any dates booked for 2012 yet? I would love to see you in PA, NJ, NY, or CT.

  10. Loved your show in Columbia for NYE! Can’t wait to see you again! I will drive as far as possible to see another show of yours!

  11. Greg, we are huge fans. Have seen u in Vegas and numerous times in Atlantic City. Missed your last show because Hurricane Mofo blew my klik klaks and lawn darts into my face and I had to go to the hospital.

  12. hey greg seen u in atlantic city in november and loved your show. are u planning to be in the philadelphia area any time soon. hope to see u perform again

  13. Hi Greg

    Where are you going to be in Baltimore, Md. on March 29 – 31 2012. We caught your show in Atlantic City, NJ at the comedy club and I have been looking for an appearance near us for quite a while. I just love your comedy.

  14. Hey greg
    seen you perform back in November and you are one funny guy!! Are u planning any dates in the philadelphia area, love to see u perform again Hope it happens

  15. Dude, I was at the Comedy Stop in Atlantic City, NJ. They were running some footage of you & there wasn’t even any sound. My wife & I were in stitches just watching you. What an awesome talent. When will you be back there or if not there any where in the NJ/NY/CT or Philly area???? We’d love to come check you out.

  16. I saw you yesterday in FL while on vacation. I would love to take my husband to see you live. We live in western NY. Will you be coming to anywhere near there in the near future? Thanks! Lori

  17. Greg, Thinking about seeing you 8 pm Sat Feb 25 Looney Bin, Wichita, KS.
    Husband turning 55 that day and cousin with same birthday (50th?). Wanting to get family and friendsof both together possibly to fill the house. But..want to pick on them too. Can you add anything personal or ad lib to the show that would/could embarrass them? Please let me know! Janet & Kristie

  18. I have some very good news for you if you happen to be in the Atlantic City area in May, July or August of this year. I’ll be there on the following weeks…

    wk of 5/28
    wk of 7/2
    wk of 8/20

    Thank you for your kind words. See you soon!

  19. Hi Greg, Could you tell me if you will ever come to Alberta?
    We enjoy your performance on tv but would love the chance to see you in person.

  20. Greg, just saw you last night in AC. Still laughing any time I think of your act. Glad to hear you are coming back a few more times this year. Call me. )

  21. Hello Greg,

    I love your shows and seen everyone of them when you’re in the Lansing area. It has been awhile so just wondering when you will be back in the Michigan area. I’ve been watching the tours everywhere else but close by.

  22. When will you be coming to the Pittsburgh area again? Your show is hilarious!!!

  23. My husband and I saw the show in Baltimore while we were on vacation back in march we met u twice(once after the show and the 2nd time u were leaving the power plant after another show and we came uptown say Hi! We have been looking for U to come to chicago ever since!!! U Are HILARIOUS a comedic GENIUS!!!! We both left the venue thinking WOW, why haven’t we seen him before??? He is better than ALL the kings of comedy and Kevin Hart put together, No lie or exaggeration!!! We really want to see your show again and again!!!!

  24. Ha, ha!!! Gary! How you doing? Great to hear from you man. Right now I have red ones, so yes. There is quite a bit of fear there. :)))

  25. Will you be back to Louisville KY anytime? Or somewhere close? I love your show!

  26. Great show in AC last night…will bring friends back for your late July dates…101 degrees in South Jersey right now but we’ve set the air conditioning to “Canada Cold”.

  27. Your biggest fan from Erie pa now lives in Kansas city! I’ll fill the house with friends and coworkers you just let me know when you’re in town!

  28. My group is coming to see you 10/03/12 for my friends birthday. He is a great friend to all of us & we wanted to do something special for him. He has never been to see stand up comedy before. So if you could give a shout out to Mike Jones on that night it would be great!

  29. Greg, when are you next going to be in Atlantic City or Vegas. Have seen you twice in AC and I’m going to be in Vegas in January.

  30. I’ve seen hundreds of comedians and your show in Halifax last night was the best I’ve ever seen. You are an unbelievable talent. How are you not starring in your own sitcom? Shows like SNL badly need you. You are a star and I can’t believe we got to see you perform last night.

  31. greg.. I’ve seen you several times here in Grand Rapids, MI. Will you be here for Laughfest in March? or anytime soon?

    My favorite ever sir!

    ps… my son is old enough to go this time !

  32. Any dates this year for Louisville KY? or we can always drive to Indianapolis if we HAVE to.. lol 🙂

  33. Hi Greg! Just saw you Wednesday night at the Las Vegas Laugh Factory! We were in the 3 row with that “drunk girl”. My husband and I absolutely LOVE you! We have never laughed so hard as during one of your shows. This was the 3rd time we have seen you in Vegas and we have decided that you are our #1 comedian!!! Thank you sooooo much for a GREAT time!

  34. Took pic w u after last show @ visani last night.Just wanted 2 tell u that was actually the best night of my life! My dad has had 3 types of cancer & my mom is going through radiation 4 breast cancer right now.& seeing them laugh so hard was the best gift.So thank u from the bottom of my heart.& thank u for making me laugh so hard that I cried the whole time!! My name is Tammy Phelps I am on facebook .but I’m not on twitter.hope 2 hear from u if u find the time.xoxo.c u on new years eve!!

  35. Hey,Greg……….Buzz here……………..You rocked the house again,my friend in Port Charlotte,so glad I could get some of my family down there to see you…Will be there New Years,as well………… you,man,will be in touch!!

  36. Hey,buddy…..Buzz here……….once again you killed it at in Port Charlotte…so glad I could get some of my family down to see you………will be staying in touch and will be seeing you New Years,if not before.Stay well,my friend!!

  37. Hi Greg….. Will be coming back to the Improv in W. Palm Beach, FL anytime soon???

  38. Saw your act for the second time in Cleveland, OH, , great show ! Have a son & daughter in law in N.C., told them to look up the info when you will be there in December. Thanks for the laughs.

  39. We saw you in Syracuse/Utica N.Y. area years ago and still talk about it ! your show was top knotch my friend ! When will you be back in New York State ?

  40. Really enjoyed young show tonight in Lexington. Let’s know when your scheduled back out in Vegas. I go pug a few times a year.

  41. Thanks Darrell! I’ll be back @ Brad Garrett’s in the MGM April 28 – May 4th.
    The Laff Factory on the 2nd floor of the Tropicana, June 16 – 22

  42. Greg

    Ive seen your show a couple times & waiting for a return to Grand Rapids Michigan

    Any chance youre coming soon!   Wanna somehow get my son in to see you too …he turns 20 in June  🙂  He loves ya

  43. My wife and I love your show. We normally catch you at the Comedy Stop in Atlantic city, but we missed you when you came to N.Y at Carolines. Any chance of another appearance in the future? See you in May the Jacksons

  44. Hi Greg,
    I am doing a Fundraiser to raise money
    To send kids with diabetes to camp.
    It would be great to have you do it. It will be held in your old stomping grounds of Woodstock.

  45. Hi John,
    Sorry, but all inquiries are handled through the ‘Contact’ page. My agency is located in NY.
    Lorraine Kaczorowski
    61-23 190th Street
    Suite # 128
    Fresh Meadows, NY 11365
    718-591-0464 Office
    877-415-3458 Fax
    Thanks! Great to hear from my homies! 🙂

  46. Saw that you plan on a Cleveland Ohio date later this yr. Any way to get updates on when? Don’t want to miss you! Saw you in Cleveland and Vegas you are by far the funniest person I have ever seen!

  47. Dec. 17 – 21 I’ll be back in Cleveland!!! Thank you so much. All updates are posted on this site. Please subscribe or follow me on twitter @gregmortoncomic. Thanks again. 🙂

  48. Hi Greg, My 3 sisters, brother, and I all watched your show for the first time last December in Raleigh, NC. 2 of my sibs flew in from Boston and Tampa – my gosh we are still talking about how we have never laughed so hard watching anyone perform. I thought my throat was going to burst and my abs were sore for days! It was a late Sunday night show, so the crowd was light, but our laughter probably made the place feel packed (we were SO loud) 🙂 You (as Tina Turner) sang in my brother’s lap, and we lost it! When can we see you again here in NC?

  49. Man would I love to come back to Charlie Goodnights. Have you spoke to the club and requested me? The club is now under new management. I remember that show very well. Hilarious!!! Hearing your brother sing, ‘rollin’ was like a spontaneous eruption of funny. You can’t plan that stuff. That was so off the cuff and worked beautifully. LOL! Too much fun. Say hi to everybody for me. :)))

  50. I will definitely contact them and request you. Hope you can make it over to NC soon!

  51. Hi greg any chance you coming back home to work or the area Woodstock

    Fund Raiser for
    Woodstock Cooperative Dance School.
    October 25th, 2014
    TBA ? // Sweaburg & District Lions Club Woodstock Ontario – Canada
    Happy Dennis? :)))

  53. I must say Greg, that ever since I first saw you at the Funny Bone in Virginia Beach a few years back, I couldn’t wait to see you again and again. You came a few years in a row there, but I don’t think I’ve seen you since 2009/2010? I remember laughing so hard right out of the gate when you first came on stage and acted perturbed that someone in the audience was “talking during your show”. I first thought, “what an a**hole this guy is” but then you hopped down into the crowd, picked out some random guy, and started giving him a lap dance. I was crying! The laughs continued from there and were non-stop. You are one of, if not, the BEST live acts I’ve ever seen on stage. You are incredibly talented and hope to see you in Virginia Beach again (and perhaps meet you in person next time). Any plans to return soon?

  54. Hi Greg – I’ve left word to my sister Pam in Woodstock to get to that show in Sweaburg in October… sure she will go – I love her to death so feel free to heckle and embarrass her…….Cheers

  55. Come back to AC! Have seen you there several times and your shows are always full of 10x more laughter than anyone else I’ve seen at the Comedy Stop!!

  56. Saw you in Lexington, KY last week. I was Frank in the front row. You had my brother help Tina out of ‘her’ dress. Any chance of an appearance in Denver? I will do my best to get another front row seat. 🙂

  57. Not just yet Dave, but hopefully soon. My agency is working on it. Thanks for making that show a great one. Hope you’re feeling better. I thought you were going to die laughing. 😉

  58. Hi Greg, This is Rich Banks, any chance of you coming to Omaha? I just got married and want my wife and my kids to come see your show!

  59. Hi Greg, I just saw your show at Brad Garret’s comedy club in Las Vegas. What a fantastic show. I haven’t belly laughed like that in a long time. What an enormous talent you are; but you already know that. 😉 You are a true comedy artist.

  60. We came to several of your shows a few years ago when you had shows at Crackers in Indianapolis. Will you be in the area maybe in the north half of the state? Or maybe even Chicago any time soon?

  61. Have yet to seen anyone as funny as you! Will you be coming to Richmond VA, or anywhere surrounding anytime soon??


  62. Saw you in Port Charlotte, FL and dying to see you again! Any chance you will be in Columbus or Cincinnati, OH in the near future?

  63. We’re are you gonna be in February of 2016.
    Your old chaplains buddy’s wanna know.
    Stephanie and Sal Aiello

  64. Wondering when you will be back in Atlantic City New Jersey? Saw you a few years back and had a blast!

  65. I saw you in Columbia, Missouri a few years ago visiting my daughter; never laughed so hard. We live in the suburbs of Chicago; WHEN ARE YOU COMING TO THE CHICAGO LAND AREA?

  66. Hi Greg, Sae you at crackers in Indianapolis(Broad Ripple).. Best Damn show ever… You are so very talented…My fiance and I Loved the show.. We were the vouple from Philly…Cant wait to catch you closer to us or out there!!

  67. Still trying to get back to ‘Goodnight’s in Raleigh. Hopefully next year. It almost happened last spring but my calendar was full.

  68. I’ll stalk you on twitter till you come to Cleveland.. lol! 😉

  69. When will Greg Morton be touring in Port Charlotte, Florida? Today is June 11, 2016… I really want to see him!! Thank you for the information…


  71. Amazing show tonite in Cincinnati! Would love to get tickets for my family in Clearwater Florida. Any shows coming up in that area?

  72. If you don’t mind the drive to Port Charlotte, I think you’re parents would love Visani’s. It’s a great club with great food and a totally clean show! Nov. 8 – 12 2016

  73. We were at the show Friday too, and discovered Greg at Visani’s in Port Charlotte! Great venue!

  74. Greg, when are you back in Las Vegas, or Lexington, ky. This is Darrell your front row man at comedy off Broadway. I’m gonna be in Vegas 8/14-18. Holler back.

  75. Thanks looking forward to it I’ve seen you in Pittsburgh and last year in Jacksonville my son’s live in Raleigh I’m trying to get them to a show you are hilarious and we are
    looking forward to the next show

  76. Hi Greg,
    My name is Maxine. My daughters and I saw you here in Charlotte, NC. Your were phenomenal and we are still talking about you. When you return please let us know. My daughter is an inspiring actress who lives in LA and she is looking for an agent. Please check her out! Google Lace Williams. Any assistance would be appropriated! Thank you!

  77. Curious to know when the AC tour dates are? Caught you there last time and you were AWESOME!

  78. Please come back to Omaha! We laughed so hard at your show last time would love to you again.

  79. Any plans to come back to Atlanta, GA soon Greg??

    Saw you at the punchline and had a blast! Love to see you come back to town!

  80. Awesome! Thanks for the response Greg! Can’t wait to see another performance. Hopefully this year!!

  81. Last saw you in london ontario several years ago. Without a doubt the best comedian i have ever seen. Love to see you again.

  82. I sure wish you had some upcoming Missouri shows. I remember when you would have a show in Columbia MO. I might have called in sick to work for two of those shows. But I see Wichita is coming. I’ll make that 4 hour drive!

  83. Thank you Brent. I just heard they were auctioning off memorabilia from the Vu. So sad it closed. Over 25 years of memories. I hope I’ll end up back in the area soon. 🙂

  84. Saw you at Jordan Landing near Salt Lake City, UT. You were absolutely hilarious! I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard in a long time.

  85. Dennis DeGroote from Tillsonburg- any chance your in the area would love to see you and your show again

  86. You should come perform for a small venue in Antonito CO at my hommies Dab Lounge. Let’s blaze and laugh our asses off!!!!! Mind BLOWN Dab Lounge!

  87. Hi Greg, Karen Munro-Caple here from your Sheridan Animation days! Someone posted your routine about Lord of the Rings on Face Book and we were all delighted to see you! I had lost track of you and was delighted to see you doing what you love. If you ever get to Ottawa many old pals are here and would love to see you. Kathy and Scott, Wendo, Jill to name a few.
    I checked you out on YouTube and I hooted at your routines! Stay excellent!

  88. Yay Greg. I just picked up my tickets for your Oct. 26th. show in Woodstock. Welcome home my friend. It was really weird going back to CASS to pick up my tickets. It has been a long time since I walked through those doors. I’m sure a lot of your old school friends will be there. Can’t wait to see your show. I saw a few of your shows & you are truly the best comedian I have ever seen. Take care & see you at the show.

  89. This is Bert Hornback. Greg Morton was my student–one of my very, very favorite students–at the University of Michigan. Is this you? I would love to hear from you. “bhornback11@gmail.ciom.”


  90. Greg, This is Jill, your fellow Taurus house leader from CASS….just a few years ago. So sorry I can’t fly into Woodstock for the evening this Friday. I’d bring Lisa with me. We patiently wait and watch for you to come to Winnipeg….anytime soon?

  91. Hey Mr Greg. As a die hard Buffalo Bills fan won or lose.. I actually found u by accident and I’m getting people hooked on your comedy what’s the chances oof u doing a standup in South Carolina. ? Or in Niagara falls NY?

  92. You’re a hilarious comedian. Definitely my favorite. I was hoping to know if you’ll ever come down near New Hampshire or somewhere close.

  93. Hey Jill! I remember! Man would that be great to see you and Lisa! I didn’t know you were in Winnipeg too. I was in Winnipeg for the comedy festival about three or four years ago. Great to hear from you! You missed a good one. The Woodstock show was so much fun and we raised a lot of money for the CASS football team and the music department. El Taurus? OH LAY!

  94. Alas, no. I’m shorter, but we have the exact same name. I met Greg last year. Great guy. We took a picture together! It was hilarious!!! I’ll post on this site when I get the chance or you can see it on my Instagram. @GregMortonComic

  95. Saw you on a video where you were in Provo, UT. If you can get an audience to laugh their behind off in Mormon Utah, your comedy must be certified CLEAN. Kudos….

  96. Hey Greg! Hope you’re well! Met you in Atlanta at the punch line (Buckhead) and the show was unfortunately cancelled one night. Been hoping for another visit soon! When can you come back to GA??


  97. I’m from Montreal, and I’ve driven twice to Burlington, once to see Brian Reagan and Ryan Hamilton. I would be there in a flash with my friends if you were there!!! For sure! -jenn

  98. I saw some of your comedy on Facebook, through dry bar comedy. I wanted to know if you were coming back to Richmond VA next year. Thank you

  99. Yes, but you just missed me. I played the Richmond Funny Bone earlier this year. I won’t be back for at least 18 months. 😦
    But hey, you never know. Fingers crossed. 🙂

  100. Mama and I Saw you at Hard Rock Rocksino in Cleveland, you were hilarious. Can’t wait until you come back to the are again. How do I find you?

  101. This is the place! If you subscribe, you’ll get a weekly blast that will tell you where I’m going to be that week. Usually every Mon.

  102. Greg, just saw that you are going to be in Brandon, MB. Surely you will be in Winnipeg on the same trip?! I want to bring Lisa to your show…but can’t do Brandon. What are the chances?

  103. Hi Jill. YES! I just posted all the Winnipeg info. It’s on my site now.

    Fri, 25 January 2019
    6:00 PM – 10:30 PM CST
    Add to Calendar

    Metropolitan Entertainment Centre
    281 Donald Street
    Winnipeg, MB R3C 5S4
    View Map

  104. Please come to NL. If I may: Haarlem? Or do you only travel through USA w tour dates?

  105. Like to see you in person in the Canton, Akron, Cleveland, Ohio area please.

  106. Hey Greg,

    Just saw you tonight at the comedy cabana and you were hilarious!! When you and my husband dan were on stage, it was a dream come true!! (Although I would’ve known how to take off your dress a lot better than dan did.) 😉

    I would’ve blamed it on the blue Hawaiian. (aka windshield wiper fluid.)😂😂😂

    Thanks again for making us laugh so hard we cried…you are a true genius!
    Hope to see you back again in Myrtle Beach next summer!

    You’re the shit!! ♥️

  107. Hi Greg,
    I wanted to thank you for helping me celebrate my 55th with Brad, Jason and Jay this week. It was a true pleasure meeting you in the green room and for a giant hug on the stage on my way out. I still have sore cheeks from the laughs watching your comic mastery flow thru the audience.
    I love Brads club and what he stands for, I have met some wonderful people there. You sir, are one of those wonderful people.
    I can’t wait to share some more laughs with you again soon. I am very grateful and honoured that you were a part of my celebration.
    I wish you all the best!
    Thank you Greg.

    Blake Johnston
    Vancouver BC

  108. We are also blessed to know you Greg.
    That voice behind a Neumann, you must have the engineers grinning!!

  109. Greg!
    I’ve been a fan for many, many years. I was actually in the club in Louisville earlier this year when there was maybe 10-12 people there, including the drunk couple who thought they were part of the show. LOL. Congratulations my friend.

  110. hey Greg. we will save the date when you are in Toronto in the fall. email or publish the details asap

  111. Great Voice Comedy ! Hope He comes to the midwest(Chicago)! Love to see him live!

  112. I saw you perform about 10 years ago at Crackers Comedy Club in Indianapolis…great show. Can’t wait to watch you on the live shows of AGT. Good luck!

  113. Mr Morton
    Things are way too serious here in the SF Bay Area and we sure could use some laughs. Hope to see you playing a run of shows locally maybe in 2020? And, you never know, George Lucas might show up! May The Horse Beneath You 😁
    ~ A ~

  114. Would love for you to come to New Jersey. Love to see u at the stress factory in New Brunswick

  115. We saw your show in Myrtle Beach. Loved it!
    Impressions of Rock in roll hall of fame!
    Louie Armstrong ” What a wonderful World
    Mick & Stones “Brown Sugar
    This will win it all!
    Good Luck!

  116. Gregg, you were in des moines, iowa at the funny bone comedy club a year or 2 ago and your show was so good! I was wanting to see if you will be in iowa again this year or next. I looked at your tour dates and locations but didn’t see iowa

  117. Greg, when are you coming to Calgary or did I miss you? We saw you years ago and laughed so hard our faces hurt so much the next day. We have been watching you on YouTube but it’s not the same.

  118. Hey Greg we saw your show twice in Cincinnati at the funny bone and loved it I’m voting for you to win America’s got talent wish you the best Gary Johnson

  119. Are you going to be coming to Rochester area anytime soon would absolutely love to see you and bring my family to see you!!!

  120. When you do a character, you should have a video of the character showing behind you to ensure the audience who you are imitating. Maybe consider voicing a video clip.

  121. Please come to Seattle, WA! My 10 year old LOVED watching you on AGT and was crushed to see that you didn’t make it to the finals. I promised him a trip to see you if you ever come to the PNW ❤

    We love you! Thank you for enertaining us! You are amazing!

  122. Please please please come to the South, Greg. (Specifically Florida if you can). I’d travel anywhere to come see your show… but can’t get off of work long enough to drive to the closest show (Kentucky/Arkansas), but I’d drive from Jacksonville to anywhere in Florida or surrounding states to see you! Coming to your show is now a bucket list item. Thank you in advance! You are a true talent. Simply amazing.

  123. Can’t wait for you to come to Dayton Funny Bone in February! If you would like dinner recommendations, let me know.

  124. As I told you…others will recognize you as that guy from AGT, but to us, you are that amazing guy from the comedy club. Always remember the path you have taken. I know it isn’t a headline show in Vegas, but we have loved your shows for years.

  125. Ok, I just placed a request with The Laugh Factory in Reno for week of Jan 7. My group & I want to see you again!! Looks like that week is open. 😉👍

  126. Please come to Richmond VA. We would love to see you

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

  127. Hope you’re able to do Reno Laugh Factory week of Jan 6, my group really wants to see you again !😎

  128. Have you been able to confirm Reno Laugh Factory week of Jan 6? my group really wants to see you again !😎

  129. Come back to Visani In Port Charlotte, Fl! Bob and I can’t wait to see you again!
    Bob and Mary
    Radio personality and his wife

  130. Is there any shows next year in Texas? I’ve grown up doing voices my whole life and you’ve just been a huge inspiration. Funniest guy i know by far, lots of support!

  131. My whole family loved you on agt and are bummed you have no Texas dates on your tour. Have a good tour

  132. Greg my wife and I just looked up your tour dates and we are sorry to say that we missed you Louisville, Ky date October 24–26. If you ever come back to Louisville, Ky my wife and I Will Spread The Word for people to come see YOU!!! Ken & Deanna Shoulders

  133. Many of the clubs, including The Grove, Denver Improv and the Funny Bone’s will have a special show for families with children. Please contact your local venue. If there’s enough demand there will be a show. Thank you for reaching out! 🙂

  134. RIGHT NOW! Ticket links are going up right now on all my future Tour Date postings, to make it easier for people to find tickets. Thanks for reaching out!

  135. Greg, my family has been following you for a couple of years and we’re so proud of all your recent success!
    We’d love to see you in the Dallas area!
    Any chance you’d be interested in playing at The Dallas Comedy House, Hyena’s, Addison Improv Club or Stomping Grounds? Hope to see you in person, one day!
    God Bless!

  136. Hey Greg, will you still be playing Port Charlotte, Florida on May 10th?

  137. Still waiting for things to open back up! 🙂
    Almost had Jacksonville. I think we are very close once the numbers come down and things open again.

  138. Hi Greg,

    Just wanted to say you were amazing when you stopped in to Dr. Grins (Grand Rapids, Mi). Just wondering if you will be heading back this way during 2021.


  139. Hey Greg, will you be in the Arkansas and Oklahoma area any time soon? I followed you on AGT and had no idea you did live shows, you’ve been an inspiration to me for learning voices!

  140. Hi Greg is there any chance you’ll be doing a show in Ohio this Spring? How about in GA? I’ll be moving there late Spring early Summer. You’re hilarious

  141. Will you ever be in Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, or Mississippi? Just found out about you and you’re awesome!!!

  142. Arkansas! Yes. Sometimes Lowell, AR. at the Grove. Sometimes the Looney Bin, in Little Rock.
    The Comic Strip in El Paso, TX. I’ve also been asked to do some other Texas cities which could happen this year.

  143. No, I’m afraid not yet, but maybe in the future. Currently, I perform at the Comedy Zone in Jacksonville, Visani in Port Charlotte, and Off the Hook in Naples. I’ve performed in Tampa as well.

  144. Please please come to San Diego or Los Angeles!!! We need you out here!!!!!

  145. Is your show pretty clean? One of your stops is pretty close to where some of my friends live, but they won’t enjoy anything suggestive or otherwise rated above a low PG-13.

  146. If you let me know which show and where, I can make it that clean. I have only two things that I can easily take out. Not a big deal. Problem is, I can’t vouch for the other acts on the show.

  147. We just got our tickets and cannot wait to see you in Cuyahoga Falls! We enjoy your comedy so much that we would have even gone to Cleveland to see you again.

  148. When do Dayton tix go on sale?? I’ve been waiting 2 years for this!!

  149. What movies should I watch to make sure I get your references? 🙂 #culturallyilliterate

  150. Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Rocky, Jurassic Park, Aliens, Predator, Snakes on a Plane, Tim Burton’s Batman, Scarface, The Wizard of Oz, Gerry McGuire, The Mask, Brave Heart, Shrek, The Lion King, The 6th Sense, and loads of WB, and Hannah Barbera cartoons!

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