Great Fun! ON THE AIR with K-Mac & Reese @TheSportsShop1

K-Mac & Reese

This morning, I walked into what can only be described as the barbershop scene from Eddie Murphy’s, “Coming to America.”  The Sports Shop, with Reese and K-Mac on WDNC-AM, Buzz Sports Radio in Raleigh-Durham, NC. is the highest rated morning-drive sports talk show in the country hosted by two African-Americans.  Ah, … actually, it’s the only one in the country, hosted by two African-Americans!  I gotta give these guys props man.  They are entertaining as hell.  Quick, colorful, comic banter, without the dry, stat filled, who’s on the DL list B.S. you hear on the other sports talk shows.  This is a sports radio talk show FOR THE FANS and I give it my highest recommendation!

The show airs weekdays from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. ET. Here is a link to a news article describing our show (

This June, The Sports Shop will be celebrating its 6th anniversary!  Congratulations K-Mac (Kevin McClendon) and Reese (Erroll Reese)!  Well Done!

The Sports Shop’s official Twitter and Instagram handles are @thesportsshop1.

You can also follow Buzz Sports Radio on Twitter @buzzsportsradio and on Instagram @999thefan.

WNDC is owned by Capitol Broadcasting Company, an affiliate of CBS Sports Radio, NBC Sports Radio and ESPN Radio.  

*As you can see, All three of us like to eat!  That’s why I used the station logo to hide my gut.  😉

A MUST LISTEN! @ArroeCollins INTERVIEW WITH @GregMortonComic

arroe-collins  image001


When you’re interviewed by Arroe Collins at I Heart Radio, the interview starts as soon as you walk in the door.
Quite frankly, I had no idea the interview had started.  I just happened to glance over Arroe’s shoulder while we were talking, and noticed the red VU meters dancing rhythmically to the sound of our voices.  The whole interview lasted 40 minutes, but I was too engrossed to care.
Arrow Collins, who currently lives in Charlotte, NC. has spent the last 30 years working as a broadcaster, lecturer and V/O artist. He has the coolness of a Classic Rock FM DJ and the energy and passion of a Tony Robbins.  Not surprising, when you read his list of credits, which include the Fox Classic Rock Report on 99.7. or his extensive list of books found on
He’s not the kind of host who studies your bio three minutes before the interview.  He does his homework.  You’ll find reflected in Collins questions, a hunger for knowledge and a genuine interest in people.
I strongly recommend you give our interview a listen!  You’ll hear things in our conversation that I rarely share with others.  Life lessons and personal experiences coached in a spiritual context.  Very different from the mindless celebrity chatter on most talk shows.
Since the interview, I’ve become a huge fan of Mr. Collins!  You can follow him on twitter @Arroecollins @Spreaker or listen to more of his captivating interviews on I Heart Radio. Unplugged & Totally Uncut.  This is exciting radio folks.  This is the future.
Next Post, I’ll be giving tips to comedians on how to make your interviews GREAT!

Greg Morton Meets the Muppets!

Hopefully, you’ve followed me on twitter @GREGMORTONCOMIC because for the last 48 hours, running around Montreal at the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival.  Tonight was Gala night with the Muppets and it was in a word, EXTRAORDINARY!  It made me wanna quit what I’m doing and join the muppets.

The energy in the theatre was pure bliss.  I mean, c’mon!  Who doesn’t love the Muppets?  They bring back so many great memories.  I won’t spoil it for anyone who watches the television show; either here in Canada or Australia, but you’re in for a treat!  Hilarious muppet sketches, surprise appearances from all your favourite Muppets and a great line up of comedians.

*My favourite dressing room moment:  Jim Breuer doing Richard Pryor on the Muppets gala show!
*Highlight of the show:  DAMN NEAR EVERY-FREAKIN-THING!
*Highlight of my life:  Meeting Kermit the Frog
*Oh, and BTW:  I think I had a pretty good set.


Greg Morton @ Baltimore Comedy Factory … Here’s what you missed!

If you didn’t get a chance to come out to the Baltimore Comedy Factory this past week, (March 29 – 31) then here’s a little taste of what you missed.

Two completely sold out shows, packed with spring feverish fans on a full moon weekend. Well… it sure felt like a full moon with some of the Factory’s most ruckus crowds ever!   Standing ovations every show and some of  the best raw comedy by C.J. and  Alabama,

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If you missed this past week at the Baltimore Comedy Factory, look for Greg to return to Baltimore, Thanksgiving Weekend.

Special thanks to Mickey, Amelia and Spiegel on 98 Rock.  (Mickey made me laugh the hardest I’ve ever laughed on air.)

Shout out to the folks at Fox 45 News for a memorable segment that had people stopping Greg on the street and in the grocery store!

Greg Morton Pigs Out @ Pig In, Pig Out!

Whenever I travel to a new town, one of my favourite hobbies is to check out the local BBQ scene.

Friday afternoon after my appearance at 107.3  THE BREW, I’m picked up and taken to a place where they serve the best BBQ in the United States.  A pretty bold statement made by my Attorney friend, Danny Saville,  but I am up for the taste test.

Danny, leads me through the back door, past the cashier and into the kitchen of a tiny strip mall, in an industrial part of Wichita.  It’s a relaxed, fun atmosphere that reminds me of a family kitchen.  The faces of the staff beam with the same personal pride of a new parent, outside the delivery room .

After a few quick introductions, I’m asked a question that completely throws me, “Do you like Salmon?”  .  Before I can think of protesting, a lemony, peppery, juicy piece of pink flesh is caressing my tongue.  Delicious, I exclaim!  Perfect if I’m observing Lent, but I’m here for BBQ!  I’m here for ribs!

One of the chefs offers me a rib as if to expect my next question.  I quickly gnaw the flesh off the bone.  It is perfectly cooked and well seasoned.

Wow!  This doesn’t need any sauce.  It’s just great on its own.

I’m told it’s all in the rub.  A rub that has garnered so much praise and is responsible for the hundreds of 1st place ribbons that litter the walls of this establishment.

As I sample the brisket, turkey, links and pulled pork my emotions range from complete euphoria to flame broiled anger.  I feel duped by those other BBQ franchises masquerading as authentic BBQ.

Sauce?  We don’t need no stinking sauce.  Sauce can mask the flavour of a truly good BBQ.

Next time you swing through Kansas, stop by Pig in, Pig Out, on a Friday afternoon.  You might see a famous comedian like Rob Schneider sitting next to you.

That is… if you’re not too busy burying your face in the best BBQ you’ve ever tasted.

How do I know this?  Well, to swipe a line from ‘The Matrix,’  “It’s kind of like being in love… you just know it,” and I know you will love PIG IN, PIG OUT.  The best BBQ in the United States.  1003 East 13th Stree.  Wichita, KS 67214


Well, I finally broke down and bought an iPad and I have to say.  I love it!

Recently, I’ve looked at animation apps, hoping to find a way to take some of my song parodies and turn them into short films.  One app I came across is easy to use and reminds me of the flip books I used to make out of the corners of my note book pages.  It’s called Animation Creator HD and it’s for the iPad and iPhone.

It’s easy to use.  The tool bar is simple and direct.  Buttons like Play, Delete, Copy, Add, Previous and Next make your first venture into the world of animation a breeze.  Made a mistake?  Push the undo button.  If you need multiple things happening on screen, use the layer tool.  I threw this quick 5 second animation together in about two hours and that includes familiarizing myself with the program and loading it to YouTube.

I love how you can view the previous drawing as if you were looking through the transparency of the page.  There’s even a slider that adjust the playback time of your clips.

Red Software has done an excellent job.  Here’s my wish list of features I’d like to see in their next update.

  • SOUND?

Animation Creator HD was not the app I was looking for, but a great place to start and its simplicity makes it great for newbs.  Highly recommended at $1.99!

NEW XBOX 360 SLIM Review!

Greg Morton has just bought himself a Xmas present. That’s right. HAPPY XMAS TO ME!!! A brand new Xbox 360 slim. No more three red lights! Some of you may remember my rant over my second XBOX and my fight with Microsoft to fix the damn thing. Now I have a fourth one and hopefully this one’s a keeper.

Microsoft has given the 360 an extreme makeover with its new piano black finish and chrome accents. The perfect electronic component for anyone with 80’s furniture. I’ve had the new xbox 360 slim since Friday and I love it! It’s slimmer, sleeker, sexier and a lot quieter than my old 360. Never again will my wife ask, “Where is that jet engine sound coming from?”

I’ve had the device running for 5 hours and it barely feels warm to the touch. If you watch the video I have posted on youtube, you’ll see the large grill and giant fan in this sucker. After Microsoft spent 1 billion dollars, fixing it’s red ring of death problem, I doubt they wish to repeat this scenario with it’s new console.

All controls on the device are touch sensitive. A feather touch of the buttons will turn it on, or open it’s tray. It’s a thing of beauty! 🙂

The transfer of all my data from my 120 GB HD went smoothly. (Roughly 1:15) A few licenses were not transferred but I’m not stressed. Some of those titles have been discontinued on XBOX live.

I feel sorry for anyone who ran out and bought an Elite or upgraded their Wi-Fi. This new console should have been called the Elite, with it’s built in Wi-Fi, HDMI, and 250 GB HD. Oh well, I’m just glad I waited. Or that my old console held up until the new one came out. 😉

Check out my unboxing video, where I compare the old and new xbox 360!


I just got finished watching Michael Jackson’s THIS IS IT on blu ray and even though I’m left with a deep sadness, I can’t help feeling inspired.

To me, this was it. This was going to be the greatest live concert ever. A culmination of Michael’s fifty years of life and live show experience, poured into fifty shows.

Every song in this documentary, that you’ve heard thousands of times feels fresh and reinvented. Every visual is larger than life. Even Beat It, which was beaten to death on terrestrial radio feels re-energized!

Keep in mind, this is Michael Jackson REHEARSING. He’s not operating at full throttle. He’s, what we used to call in theater, “saving it for the day.” Saving his body and his voice for that grueling marathon of shows he was to perform at London’s O2 arena.

I didn’t see THIS IS IT in theaters. Do I regret it? Yes, but at the time, I couldn’t. It was too soon after his death. I would have openly wept in the theater and viewing it on my 32″ flat screen at home was just as emotionally draining.

The film opens with testimonials from some of the dancers who’s life long dream was to work with Michael. He was their soul inspiration. Their life long dream. That dream ended on June 25th with his passing.

I kept thinking, as I was watching the film, what if he were still alive? What if he directed film? What if THIS IS IT were turned into a Broadway Musical? Endless possibilities, now gone.

Special features include 2 making of documentaries, 3 featurettes with the testimonials of people who worked on the show, gushing over Michael’s genius. They’re all good, but to me, It just feels like someone describing the Mona Lisa.

Everyone knows MJ was a genius. The real magic here is being given that special ‘fly on the wall,’ back stage pass. (One of three collectable lenticulars. included in my two disc limited edition) 😉

BD exclusives include Thriller and Smooth Criminal vignettes, a making of Smooth Criminal featurette and an interactive trivia game. Stocking stuffers for the fans. Nice, but quickly forgettable once you’ve opened the main present.

Given the number of hours of footage and the amount of time director Kenny Ortega was given to complete the film, I’d say it’s nothing short of a miracle. Great Job! Excellent picture quality and dts-HD master audio.

I won’t write any spoilers. MJ looks great. Better than ever! Which makes his death seem more tragic and unnecessary. Watching The Gloved one at work is amazing. Every direction or critique he gives to his fellow players is with love and respect. The level of knowledge he has about music and timing is unequaled.

The void left by this man will never be filled. Not by a hundred Ushers or a thousand Chris Browns. This is it folks! The best it’s going to get. Now go out and get it!



NO.  Not even if I were in a heroin induced coma.

Yesterday, Mackenzie Phillips, former child star on the 70’s sitcom, ‘One Dad At A Time,’ dropped a huge bombshell on the Oprah Winfrey Show.  She revealed a family secret that would make even Jerry Springer blush.  Reading a passage from her new tell-all book, she described  how she woke up from a drug induced blackout to discover her panties around her ankles and her father having consensual sex with her.  That’s right!  Her famous father from the 60’s group, The MaMas and the PaPas.  WTF?  Does MaMa know PaPa has been sleeping with Baby?  That is one Monday Morning I wouldn’t want to wake up to!

First of all, sex with your father is NEVER consensual.  Well, maybe in the Appalachians.

This show interview with Mackenzie Phillips, must have been part of Oprah’s new fall, feel good series, ‘Live Your Best Life.’  Lately,  Oprah has had some very uplifting shows. First, she had the interview with Crack-ney Houston, hocking her new comeback CD, I LOOK TO YOU.  (Or, as I like to call it, songs I sing to my pipe.) Then, she had a show about  Connie Culp, the woman who had her face shot off by her husband, because she shot her mouth off one too many times. And now, may I present to you the latest addition to the Oprah Book Club.  HIGH ON ARRIVAL.  A little light reading for back-to-school.

This book is worse than airing your dirty laundry in public.  This is, “I had a little accident, and HERE are the pants I pooped in!”   YUCK!

Then, she revealed another revelation.  When she was 18 years old, Mick Jagger locked her in a room and had sex with her.  Her father stood outside, loudly pounding on the door and protesting… “WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN THERE WITH MY DAUGHTER, AND MY WIFE?”

While telling the story, she seemed almost giddy and school-girlish .  “C’mon, who wouldn’t want to sleep with Mick Jagger?”  … ah, ME!  (Raised hand)  Not without a body condom and a hot Purell sitz bath.  Remember, when you sleep with Mick Jagger, you’re sleeping with a guy who (allegedly) ate a chocolate bar out of his Marianne Faithfull’s ass!

After all the dysfunctional details were revealed, her little anecdote about sleeping with Mick Jagger seemed almost normal.  Welcome to the new ‘normal’  – sick –

The Stand-Up Chronicles

While performing at the Juke Box Comedy Club in Peoria, Illinois,  I had the pleasure of speaking with fellow comic and writer, Adam Harris on his podcast, The Stand-Up Chronicles.  Every week, he records a podcast for comedy geeks and nerds who are really into the art of stand-up comedy.  I think you can learn a lot by listening to other professionals talk about their craft.  That’s why, I always recommend the book, Comic Insights by Franklin Ajaye to people interested in getting into stand-up comedy.

The Stand-Up Chronicles is a podcast recorded pre-first-show-Saturday.  I urge you to check it out!  It’s filled with some great interviews of some of the most talented performers traveling the country today.  If you live in Peoria and you’re reading this post, please check out the Jukebox Comedy Club and support stand-up comedy.  You can watch all the Youtube clips of stand-up you want but nothing beats the thrill of a live show!  Am I right?

Here are some comments from Facebook fans who attended the show.

Colin This guy was hilarious!  The final segment has him impersonating singers right on key.  This guy is the black Jerry Lewis!

Holly Greg made me laugh til I had to choose between breathing and NOT peeing myself.

James Helluva show Greg Morton rocked!



On the podcast, we discuss Greg’s former career as an animator, his time with Second City in Toronto and little nerd talk about comic books and video games!  If you’d like to listen to the podcast, please click on the link below.
The Stand-Up Chronicles can also be found on i-tunes under the podcast genre.

The Stand-Up Chronicles Episode 27 Greg Morton