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grand theft auto IV… YEEEESSSSS!

Tonight, I will be standing in line to pick up the new Grand Theft Auto IV game.  I’ll give you my impressions throughout the week as I work my way through the game.  


The Debaters

Last night, I appeared on the CBC radio show, ‘The Debators.’  A show where comics debate hot topics and hot button issues with logic and a twist of humor.  The show is hosted by funny man Steve Paterson.  A good friend and one of the fastest ad-lib comics I know.  (That’s right, I name drop too.)

The debate topic was Star Wars vs Lord of the Rings.  Which one is the better franchise?  I was pro Star Wars of course and my debating partner, comedian Ron Sparks, was pro Lord of the Rings.  We both slaved through seconds of last minute prep to put forward our best arguments.  In the end, it was very close, but I prevailed.  

I won’t spoil it for you, but it was a great night!  

Simply click on the link above for more information on air times and sound bites of previous shows.  You won’t be disappointed.  

Shout outs to my fellow debaters, Al Rae, Fred MacAulay, Irwin Barker, Jonny Harris, Mark Forward, Debra DiGiovanni, Roman Danylo, Rebecca Northan, Pete Zedlacher, and Erica  Sigurdson.  Well done everybody! 

Welcome to America Mr. Morton!

don-greg-morton.jpgThis is me and Don Stuck of X103.  As Don said, I think the evidence speaks for itself. 

Separated at Birth III

This is weird, but I keep running across people who look like me.  I was told over and over again about this guy from Utica, NY who looked just like me.  Well, a couple of weeks ago, we finally met.  His name is Gary, which is ironic because I often get called Gary instead of Greg all the time.  Jokingly, I told him I don’t really see it.  First of all, I’m way better looking.  lol.  (Actually, I’m more of a fatter, lighter, older version of Gary.)  He could be my cousin, maybe.  He said, “You know how it is bro’.  (They think we all look alike.) Anyway, you be the judge… garyandgreg2.jpg 

Happy then, happy now!

unknown-1.jpegThis is me, at a year old.

Separated at Birth


One time, I was all dressed up, flying to this gig and I hadn’t slept the night before so I fell asleep in my chair. Next thing I know, someone is shaking me and calling my name. “Jay-Z? JAY-Z!? The flight attendant actually thought I was Jay Z because as we all know, Jay Z always flys coach.


Buzz, Teresa, Duke, Greg, & Monster

Special thanks to the KLAQ morning crew for a fun Friday morning! Check out their new CD “Da Pinchy Code,” which includes my tribute to Lord of the Rings.