Greg Morton sings, You’re a Mean One, Mr. Gingrich!

Greg Morton, the Comedian who brought you Obama Man and Mom Jeans has a brand new song parody!  Mr. Gingrich!  Check it out! .  Special thanks to Demetrio, who recorded this video at Visani’s in Port Charlotte, FL.

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The jokes on Mickey (The Weather Man) when comedian Greg Morton stops by Fox 6 in Birmingham, AL.  Mickey finds out he has a weather kid of his own that he doesn’t know about.  Oh, Oh!  Better call Maury Povich.

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Greg Morton Espouses the benefits of Yoga

As many of you know, I have battled with weight loss for the past two years.  I have said, over and over to myself, “I’ve gotta lose weight, I’ve gotta lose weight… or hang around bigger people.”  I’ve tried everything from inline skating to Wii Fit.  You remember Wii Fit?  The One hundred-dollar bathroom scale that insults you!  If I want to be insulted by a video game, I’ll go online and get tea-bagged by some 14-year-old kid playing Halo.  Who needs that kind of humiliation?

Nothing can break these bonds of sedentary life  Every form of exercise I’ve tried ends in personal injury.  Until now.

Won’t you please watch my latest You Tube video and see why critics are calling Greg Morton the next Deepak Chopra.  Join me on my personal journey of mind, body, and spirit.  Drink the Kool Aid.  Watch, ‘Greg Hearts Yoga,’ and post your comments below.

Thank you.

Greg Morton, Cracking Up at Crackers NOV.16 – 19 / 2011

This week, Greg Morton will be cracking up audiences at Crackers Comedy Club in Indianapolis with Jamille Harlley.

This is a very special week for me.  It marks my return to one of my favourite clubs and the place where I first debuted the Obama Man song.  4.2 million hits later, the song has become a major part of my show.  I try to tweak the lyrics with each new event in the Obama presidency.

A recently reworked lyric in the song goes as follows.

Who can buy an ipod?  

Give it to the Queen.  

Who can shoot Bin Laden while he’s sleeping in his dreams?  Obama Man.

Fans of this song and others like ‘Mom Jeans’ won’t be disappointed.  A handful of new songs will make their debut on stage and on the air at the Bob & Tom Show.  Herman Cain anyone?


Here’s Greg Morton with another song parody about the Jet Blue flight attendant who went off on all the passengers, on a Jet Blue flight from Pittsburgh to New York; and quite frankly, who can blame him?  I’ve flown Jet Blue a number of times and I have to say, these people will eat your young just to be first off the plane.  For what?  Once you get to baggage claim, you still have to wait for your F@#$%! bags!

I used to enjoy travel.  Now, the whole ordeal causes me great stress.  Trying to catch connecting flights with only a short window of time and no back-up flight scheduled until the next day.  Following arbitrary rules that seem to change every time I visit the airport.  People who can’t match the seat number with the one on their ticket stub.  Irate passengers trying to bring full size bags on board as carry-on.  Infants who scream like a couple of tortured terror suspects from Gitmo.  It’s enough to drive a sane person mad!

I know that a Jet Blue ticket is about the same as a bus ticket, but do we have to act like bus people?  There’s a reason why we’re told to remain seated while the plane taxis into the gate.  SAFETY YOU PIN HEAD!

I haven’t heard about any charges being brought against the passenger.  Where is the justice?  FREE STEVEN SLATER!

I just hope they’re not to hard on him.  He’s a hero in my books.  Everyone has a bad day, and everyone deserves a couple of beers after having one.  … maybe three or four.  Hell, maybe a case!

Good luck with your new life Steven, and I hope this song cheers you up!