Fan Letter

I saw Greg Morton on stage for the first time in Cleveland last night.  I have been to over a hundred comedy shows over my 49 years,  This was one of the funniest shows I have ever seen!  I actually hurt today from laughing so hard last night.  His energy and style is unmathced!!!!  Please let him know.
Allen Honey

6 thoughts on “Fan Letter

  1. That’s exactly what I said after I saw Greg in Utica, NY. My face and stomach hurt!
    His whole show is awesome, but when he goes into the impersonations – look out!

  2. I saw Greg for the first time tonight on The Comedy Channel, with my kids. We agree that he’s by far the funniest comic we’ve seen in… oh, forever. Come to Australia!!

  3. Mr. Mortons been through Omaha Nebraska at least 3 times, and after the first time seeing him perform, I knew this guy was going to be BIG! After one of his shows I tried to take his picture using a camera phone, but everytime the picture would turn out blurry, so He envited my wife and I back the next night so that we could bring our good camera. Now who else out there would have done that?!
    That’s Class!
    Hope to see yah soon!

  4. I caught Greg Morton in Cleveland on 1/17/09. Absolutely the best stage show I’ve ever seen. I laughted the whole time. I haven’t laughed that much in 20 years. By God, was that ever worth the price of admission! And everyone I was with thought so too. Gene

  5. Saw Greg in cleveland last night…funniest, most talented and best live comedy act I have ever seen!!! Unfortunately I can not get the “Prince” vision out of my head! Flipping hilarious!!!!!

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