Greg Morton Homecoming

They say you can never go home but on March 7th of this year, I returned to my hometown of Woodstock, Ontario to perform at a special fundraiser for the Woodstock Big Sisters and College Avenue Secondary School.

I will always remember the great teachers and staff at my former high school. (C.A.S.S.) Some of whom were a great inspiration to me.

I would like to extend a special thanks to my dear friend, Sandra Brown who made the whole thing possible.

In what seems like a previous life, Sandra and I first met at one of my teen dances. I was a mobile disc jockey back in the 80’s. I called myself, Greg Morton, that crazy DJ, and I used to put on costumes. (Kind of like now.) Sandra and a mutual friend of ours, Jeff Patterson, won first prize in a dance contest!

Here’s a copy of the online article I found from the local paper…


Comedy night brings cause $19,000
Posted By Hugo Rodrigues, STAFF WRITER – Sentinel ReviewMarch 9 2009
The March 7 Comedy Night in support of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Woodstock and District and the College Avenue gym floor raised almost $20,000.
Big Brothers Big Sisters board member, CASS grad and comedy night organizer Sandra Brown said the event held at the Oxford Auditorium and featuring Greg Morton and Deb DiGiovanni raised approximately $19,000. The amount will be evenly split between the service agency and the high school’s gym floor fundraising campaign.

“We had close to 1,000 people there, which is more than the 750 we had out the last time,” Brown said Thursday. “Having two groups behind it helped us a lot– it was a bigger volunteer base to draw from and use to spread the word.”

Brown said e-mail and social networks also played a huge part in promoting the event.

DiGiovanni opened the night with an approximately 40-minute set, touching on her Tillsonburg roots and her experiences living and working in Toronto.

Morton followed, opening his set asking who’d moved the Springbank Snow Countess. He performed for over an hour, peppering his routine with local references and memories of his days living in the FriendlyCity. He capped off the routine with a string of impersonations, including Mick Jagger, James Brown, Prince and Tina Turner

Special shout out to my favorite comedian, Debra DiGiovanni

If anyone has any special photos of the event or memories they’d like to share, please send them to me at

One thought on “Greg Morton Homecoming

  1. Went to High School with ya buddy, and you were the DJ at my brother Rick Kranenbarg’s wedding back in the late 70’s in Woodstock. ( reception at the Moose Lodge)
    I’m very glad and happy that you are able to do what you are great at and what you always wanted to do.
    We are all very proud of you. Keep smiling and keep making us smile too.
    Your friend Tony.

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