KAREN RONTOWSKI, PAUL LYONS, GREG MORTON (A lineup to be thankful for)

Does your family tradition include staring at other family members while  in a Tryptophan coma?  Are you tired of lining up for limited quantity Black Friday specials, only to be trampled by deal crazed shoppers?  There is a solution.

This week, Nov. 21 – 27 is Thanksgiving week.  One of the most stressful weeks of the year and producer Bob Kephart has put together a laugh inducing, stress relieving line-up at the Comedy Stop, Cafe and Cabaret.  Karen RontowskiPaul Lyons, and Greg Morton!  All three are well seasoned and ready to bust your gut this holiday weekend.  Please join us.

The Comedy Stop, Cafe and Cabaret is located on the third floor in The Quarter entertainment and retail complex at the Tropicana.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Greg Morton, Cracking Up at Crackers NOV.16 – 19 / 2011

This week, Greg Morton will be cracking up audiences at Crackers Comedy Club in Indianapolis with Jamille Harlley.

This is a very special week for me.  It marks my return to one of my favourite clubs and the place where I first debuted the Obama Man song.  4.2 million hits later, the song has become a major part of my show.  I try to tweak the lyrics with each new event in the Obama presidency.

A recently reworked lyric in the song goes as follows.

Who can buy an ipod?  

Give it to the Queen.  

Who can shoot Bin Laden while he’s sleeping in his dreams?  Obama Man.

Fans of this song and others like ‘Mom Jeans’ won’t be disappointed.  A handful of new songs will make their debut on stage and on the air at the Bob & Tom Show.  Herman Cain anyone?

Class Acts! Glenn Ottaway, David Merry & Greg Morton

Last night, Greg Morton performed at the Class Act Dinner Theatre in Whitby Ontario with a couple of close friends. Glenn Ottaway and David Merry.   Actor, Director and Entertainer Glenn Ottaway is a 25 year veteran of the business and someone I have known for at least 20 of those 25.  It was great to see him again and catch up on old times.  Before the show we laughed about one of our more memorable gigs we had worked together in Oshawa, with another comedian friend of ours; Mike Bullard.  I was being heckled, mercilessly, by a female patron when Mike threw her over his shoulder and physically carried her out of the bar.

Later the audience was then given a taste of the rapid fire comedy  and magic of David Merry!  David and I go way back.  He was one of the first performers I’d seen on stage at a London Yuk Yuks and was my primary inspiration for getting into the business.  David and I recently performed together in both Atlantic City and Las Vegas, so this was a real reunion for us.

Speaking of Vegas, a couple who had previously seen me at the The Comedy Stop at the Trop in Las Vegas, drove two hours from Burlington to see the show.  I want to send a special shout out to all the people who came out to the show last night.

I spoke with David Merry this morning and he told me that he had a lot of positive feedback from last night’s show.  People stood up at the end!  “They all commented on how it was one of the funniest shows they had ever seen.”

It was a pleasure meeting and chatting with everyone afterward, and it made me realize that I have a new stage that I can now call home.  It’s called the Class Act Dinner Theatre.

If you’d like to see David Merry, don’t miss his David Merry Christmas Special, featuring John Pattison and Friends!  Tuesday, Dec. 20, 2011. at the Class Act Dinner Theatre.  I know John Pattison and trust me, this is a show you don’t want to miss!

Greg Morton is such a name dropper.