KAREN RONTOWSKI, PAUL LYONS, GREG MORTON (A lineup to be thankful for)

Does your family tradition include staring at other family members while  in a Tryptophan coma?  Are you tired of lining up for limited quantity Black Friday specials, only to be trampled by deal crazed shoppers?  There is a solution.

This week, Nov. 21 – 27 is Thanksgiving week.  One of the most stressful weeks of the year and producer Bob Kephart has put together a laugh inducing, stress relieving line-up at the Comedy Stop, Cafe and Cabaret.  Karen RontowskiPaul Lyons, and Greg Morton!  All three are well seasoned and ready to bust your gut this holiday weekend.  Please join us.

The Comedy Stop, Cafe and Cabaret is located on the third floor in The Quarter entertainment and retail complex at the Tropicana.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

2 thoughts on “KAREN RONTOWSKI, PAUL LYONS, GREG MORTON (A lineup to be thankful for)

  1. saw u at comedy stopin ac the night u and that women went out it bc of her feeling about the twilight saga amazing how she woulnt give up and u keep eggger her on funny stuff you are one funny guy are u ever in the philadelphia area love to see u again love ur obmaman song it was hilarious

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