Aug. 20 – 26 Greg Morton TAKES A WALK ON THE BOARDWALK

Just back from the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal, comedian Greg Morton returns to The Comedy Stop located at the Tropicana in Atlantic City, NJ.  Producer Bob Kephart puts together another exciting lineup of headliners.  David Saye, Sonya White and Greg Morton!  If you haven’t been to the Comedy Stop in a while, this is the perfect week to go.

David began his comedy career in elementary school where he would do anything for a laugh. Twenty years and five engineering jobs later, he took that need for attention and turned it into a successful comedy career; stating that he now gets paid for what he used to get in trouble for in school. His honest, reality based comedy…flavored with his New York flair, strikes a chord of truth which is not only entertining, but poignant and immensely funny. David has made over 57 National TV appearances including the talk show circuit, as well as performances on Showtime, HBO and A&E.  

White’s observational comedy is enhanced by dead-on impersonations and appropriate sound effects. Both her comedy stage show and her one-woman show, “Airing Dirty Laundry,” are based on real-life experiences and her fond, but irreverent, interactions with friends, family and the world at large. White’s television credits include roles on the Fox Network’s “Nightshift,” The Family Channel’s sitcom “Big Brother Jake” and MTV’s national promotion for “Spring Break ’98.” She has played a colorful character on national promos for “The Jerry Springer Show,” and done cartoon impressions for The Cartoon Network’s “Pick Your Shorts.” Sonya is a member of both the Screen Actor’s Guild and The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. Sonya White has made her international debut in the media. She has been a featured comedienne for Verizon Wireless on their “Fun and Games” mobile accessories option in 60 different countries. Sonya White is based in Chicago, IL. Originally from Virginia, she has combined southern charm with big city street smarts to create a show that won her multiple appearances on CBS’ “Star Search” and a promo spot on NBC’s “Last Comic Standing 4.” Sonya is currently working on a CMT production “Southern Fried Chicks” with a 2007-2008 tour to follow. She has been honored with a nomination in “Campus Activities Magazine” as Best Female Performer. Sonya has appeared on Oxygen’s “Girls Behaving Badly.” She has also been featured on “Comcast Comedy Spotlight Roadtrip 2002” and at The U.S. Comedy Arts Festival 1999, which was aired on HBO, E, and Comedy Central.

Now throw in Morton’s high energy antics and you can see why Kephart’s Comedy Stop is always funny!
For ticket information, call 1 877-FUNNY-AC.  PUT US ON YOUR BUCKET LIST!

*Quick Factoid:  Did you know that the Comedy Stop has been entertaining audiences for 29 years?

One thought on “Aug. 20 – 26 Greg Morton TAKES A WALK ON THE BOARDWALK

  1. Just saw your show lastnight at Tropicana !! I cannot say enough…what a great entertainer. Made me laugh literally from the second you walked on stage,until the last second when you dragged off of it !!!!! You are beyond a comic,you are an entertainer,and an amazing one at that !! Thank you for making my friend and I laugh so much. I LOVED when you did “Prince” I think my drink came out of my nose 😉 LOL PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE play Long Island,New York. Check out Governers Comedy Club in Levittown,you would BRING DOWN THE HOUSE there !!!!!
    Thanks for the laughter,
    Barbara Wharton

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