The Comedy Stop Presents… Greg Morton, Aug. 19 -25 2013

In Atlantic City, every night people come to the Comedy Stop to laugh and forget their troubles.  They know that when they see the words Comedy and Stop together – they know that they are getting the best comedy in the world!   How do they know this?

Well, every morning, producer Bob Kephart gets up and climbs to the mountain top, where, he hand picks the funniest, freshest comedians for your late night cup of entertainment.  This week, Aug. 19 – 25, The Comedy Stop brings you another fantastic show, featuring Julia Scotti, Rick Corso and Greg Morton.

Aaaaaah.  The Comedy Stop.  Setting the Gold Standard in Live Standup Comedy for 30 years!  When you see the words Comedy and Stop together, you must stop and enjoy some comedy with us my friend.  It is so much more entertaining than staring at the hairy backs and shoulders of grown men on the boardwalk.