This morning, I got to say goodbye to an old friend. John Lanigan is retiring to sunny Florida and Mother Nature has decided to give him one hell of a send off. Retiring after 40 years in radio. 29 of those at station WMJI/105.7. John Lanigan will perform his final show on Monday, March 31, 2014.

This Cleveland winter has not been kind, but the friends of the show compensated for that with their memories, stories, and heart warming tributes to the man. The radio legend. John Lanigan.

My tribute to John came from a galaxy far far away. A bit that I first performed for him on the show, a long time ago.  20 years to be exact. It is his favourite bit that I do, but he always refuses to ask me to perform it.  Hmmm… what it could be?

At precisely 8:15 am, Tulsa time, much to the chagrin of my neighbours at the Fairfield Inn, I performed my two minute Star Wars routine for John, one last time!

I’ll really miss the on air rapport and chemistry I had with Lanigan and Malone. The constant banter back and forth, with me in the middle, felt like being a marriage councillor on a Norman Lear sit-com.  We’ve had some really good times on air and I had hoped I might see him again, when I returned to Hilarities in December. “You won’t see me in December Greg. I’ll be in Florida, he said.  I will never start up another snow blower again for as long as I live.”  Me either John. I live in a condo.

I’m very happy for you John and I wish you all the best.  Stay warm my friend.  I will miss you.