Here are 7 tips I’d like to pass on to comedians, struggling with early morning media.
TIP 1:  Take a damn shower!  I hear this complaint from radio show host all the time.  “Not only was it a dead interview, he smelled dead!”
Aways remember, media interviews are shows.  You need to prep for them.  Get your energy up!  Take a shower and put some fresh clothes on.  Have a coffee.  WAKE UP!  ENERGY! ENERGY!! ENERGY!!!
TIP 2:  Do your homework.  Find out from the club owner what the host is like.  Are they straight, rip and read journalist or natural, fun, off the cuff show host?  Knowing the challenges before hand will help you plan your attack.
TIP 3: How do you make an unreal situation feel real?  Strike up a relaxed conversation with the host, before the interview starts. The feeling of familiarity reads well on camera and it keeps the interview from sounding forced & stilted.  You may have common interest that you can both share on air in an unscripted and humorous way.
TIP 4:  Stay open and go with the flow.  If you planned to perform some of your routine, look for an opening or opportunity to steer the conversation.  If things are going horribly, start the coup!  Go into stand-up mode and takeover the interview!
I’ve brought my own questions and setups to interviews.
TIP 5:  If things aren’t going well, get the host to talk about themselves.  Use your listening skills.  Start interviewing the interviewer.  This role reversal technique can have hilarious results.  The tricky part is getting them to STOP talking about themselves.
TIP 6:  Prepare for the dreaded questions, like how did you get started?  Were you funny as a kid?  So, what can we expect to see at tonight’s performance?
These questions are some of the most hated by comedians because we get asked them all the time.  Why not prepare funny answers to these same old, same old, boring questions?  Turn a negative into a positive.  Give them something unexpected.
“What can we expect, if we come out to see you perform tonight?”
“I like to start my show with a human sacrifice.  I’ll  ask for a few volunteers from the audience.  Preferably virgins.”
TIP 7:  Lastly and most importantly.  Be yourself.  You are naturally funny.  You wouldn’t be in this if you weren’t. Trust in your own ability to make people laugh.  It is the most important advice I can give to any comedian.
I always hear comics say, “I suck at interviews!”  Yeah, me too!   I was horrible at it,
but I got better and you will too.  Think of the host.  Help them, help you!
Hope this helps.  Feel free to add any helpful tips of your own in the comments below.  😉