Listen Today! @ 6:00 ET 3:00 PT @gregmorton & @GreekChickComic aka Ellen Karis on ReelTalk with Audrey Russo

Today on ReelTalk with Audrey Russo, Comedians Greg Morton and Ellen Karis discuss the culture of political correctness and how it effects our right to free speech.  Listed below are just a few of the topics we will be discussing.  Bring an open mind and a sense of humor,  Thanks Audrey for keeping it REAL!

  • The free speech issue in Paris at Charlie Hebdo.
  • Comedian Kevin Hart revealed the reason he turned down a role to play a homosexual was it made him feel uncomfortable. Should that be career-ending, or should he be free to make such decisions, though against the PC-culture?
  • Do we have a right NOT to be offended by anyone’s speech in this country?

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