@GregMortonComic Enters the Buterverse!


“The only comedy podcast from the mind of Emery Buterbaugh.  Join him and a host of characters weekly for a guided tour of the Buterverse, featuring fake news, interviews, advice from Judy Sheinbaum and a Buter thought or two.  Follow the Buter on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and on our website at www.thebuter.com.”

This episode, It’s the battle of non sequiturs, as Emery Buterbaugh, interviews comedian/V.O. actor, Greg Morton.  Both, Emery and Greg pack a cadre of characters and a penchant for improv.  Click the link below, and enter The Buterverse.  It is a podcast like no other.


“Emery Buterbaugh was born in northeastern Ohio.  From an early age, he enjoyed entertainining people and swinging his croquet mallet. After a stint in the academy, he ventured as far south as his conscience would allow.  He currently resides close to a bourbon distillery (for reasons that need not be mentioned).  He began the Buterverse podcast in June 2014, and while it is a comedy podcast, not only does he interview comedians, but he has also entertained a wide variety of guests ranging from a pet psychic to a chess grandmaster.  Along with his Rubber Duckie, he has been delighting audiences in a variety of comedic settings.  To have Buter at your bar mitzvah or other live event, contact him at  hello@thebuter.com.”