@gregmortoncomic @stardome starts this week! Aug. 22-27

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The newly renovated StarDome is a high-tech entertainment venue that happens to specialize in comedy.  What started in 1983 as the traditional comedy club recognized by long tables and cramped seating has evolved into one of America’s premier comedy clubs.  The StarDome has become an entertainment venue that provides our guests an exceptional experience with comfortable seating with a full-frontal view of the mainstage.  No looking over your shoulder to see the stage.  No straining to look past others in your sight-line. No filling up the aisles with your legs to be comfortable.  Those days are gone!

The StarDome mirrors the large showrooms of Las Vegas.  There is no other venue in the Southeast that provide guests the ultimate seating configuration, while also providing complete dining service in the same space.

When you come to The StarDome you get a fun-filled evening with top-of-the-line entertainment, tantalizing food and thirst-quenching drinks in a brand new showroom.

The StarDome is also a unique place to host your private events, corporate functions or holiday parties.  Our event spaces are unlike any other event space in the area.  The StarDome’s professional events planning team can make your event one to be long remembered.
Next week Myrtle Beach.