Sam Hadding is a recent high school graduate who has autism.  This presented challenges in his life, but it never swayed him from his dreams of becoming a cartoonist/animator.  After placing in the top 10, of a film contest hosted by Ghetto Film School, he went on to complete two collaborations with YouTube channel, The Positive Autism.  

Hadding is also a huge fan of America’s Got Talent. To commemorate the show’s premier on June, 1st, Sam has compiled a package of films called his AGT bundle!  All of these films were inspired by the vocal talents of AGT alumni.

Sam wrote, animated, cast and directed his latest collaboration entitled, ‘Goatley and Pigton.’

In this cartoon, a disgruntled goat named Goatley, tries to take over the town with the help of his lovable, dim-witted, pig sidekick, named Pigton and a Fairy Godmother, voiced by Sam himself.


This is Sam’s first cartoon with speaking characters, showcasing the v/o talent of, actress, poet and singer Naima Idrissi. Sam discovered Naima’s talent in the award-winning film Blue Iris, by filmmaker, Samiksha Thakur.

Now that the film has finally been completed, it is Sam’s wish that you all enjoy his first labor of love. – CARTOONS.

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