The New Generation?


After the inauguration, like many of you, I felt moved by this historical moment with feelings of hope and the promise of change, not just for the nation but for the world!

Then, I watched a commercial that made me aware of another change.  The rebranding of Pepsi Cola.  Look at Obama’s campaign  logo on the left and the new Pepsi logo on the right.  Notice anything?

Is this the new message of change?  Yes we can, change our can?  

I don’t recall Obama mentioning Pepsi in his speech…

OBAMA:  “Each and every time, the choice of a new generation, has risen up and done what’s needed to be done. Today we are called once more — to go to the fridge – Take the Pepsi challenge, and have a Pepsi Day!  


Volunteer work may require lots of energy but it also requires teeth.  Don’t expect to do any community work if you haven’t gotten a little dental work first.  

Oh well.  At least they didn’t use boobs this time.  Hey, wait a minute!

Obama and boobs!  That’s it!  GET ME OBAMA GIRL ON THE PHONE!  

Watch for more rebranding by the big corporations as they piggy back on the popularity of the new president in an attempt to capitalize on the Obama brand.

Including myself.  


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