Oh No You Can’t!

Obama Daughters DollsWell, it’s happened just like I predicted.  Yesterday, I blogged about companies trying to capitalize on the popularity of the new president and his family. 

 J-Crew stock rose 10% yesterday after it was discovered that the inaugural outfits worn by Sasha and Malia were designed by the company.  Witness the power of the Obama brand.  

Heck, I haven’t even discussed the popularity of the commemorative plates!  This president could single handedly spearhead an economic turnaround through product placement.    

Now, Tyco Toys  has released two beanie baby dolls named Sasha and Malia in an attempt to exploit the popularity of the Obama girls.  Oh no you di-n’t!  SNAP!  The girls are private citizens and First Lady, Mama Obama will have none o’ dat!  

Expect a cease and desist order from the office of the First Lady.

The dolls sell for ten dollars each and all proceeds from the pending law suit will go to help feed the lawyers.

One thought on “Oh No You Can’t!

  1. Oh boy. I hope they do get shot down for that. Yegods, the vultures are thick in the air these days.

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