2 thoughts on “Funny guy Greg Morton is back! Not only does he provide plenty of laughs in his interview, but Comedian Greg Morton also “joins” the cast of some popular movies thanks to a green screen. – USA TODAY – Truveo Video Search

  1. Oh. mygod. That was just one of the most screamingly funny interviews I’ve ever seen!

  2. My sister and I along with a few friends were wonderfully entertained by Mr. Morton at a comedy club back in El Paso, TX during a very emotional time in my sister’s life. She graduated from college and had someone special in our lives miss this special occassion- the loss of our mother. I have been wanting to share Mr. Morton’s entertainment skills with my husband and I am disappointed in saying, his website is not up to date so I’m unable to locate any dates in which he would find his way to houston or close to it. He is a MUST SEE!! He made all of us die laughing we walked out of the club feeling better and with sore throats. Mr. Morton, where are you?? Bring laughter to my family.

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