Greg Morton performs all this week at the Comedy Stop, Sahara
Greg Morton is back in Vegas for the third time this year! Performing at the Comedy Stop at the Sahara Hotel in a brand new showroom. The Comedy Stop is not gone. They’ve moved us into this huge theatre. The same theatre where the fabulous Rick Thomas, and Sandy Hackett’s Rat Pack show perform.. If your hotel is on the other end of the strip, don’t worry. Take the monorail. It’s the quickest and cheapest way to get up and down the strip. You pay $5, or $28 for a three-day pass. That’s cheaper and faster than a cab and it drops you off at the Sahara’s back door.

How do I like the new digs? The sound and lighting in this room are incredible and the stage is huge! Most stand-ups would be intimidated, by its size, but not me. That just gives me more real estate to gyrate, rotate, and lose weight!

That is, if I can stay away from the buffet. 😉

Also appearing on the show…
Cork Procktor and Greg Vaccariello
Show time is at 9:00. See you then!

PS. My Wii weight was down to 175 this week. Try wearing 4 layers of pants in 110 degree weather. I probably sweat most of that weight off.

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