Comedian Greg Morton Records Obama Man Can for Laughing Hyena Records!

Obama Man Can.  You Tube sensation that first garnered attention on the Bob and Tom Syndicated Radio Program, will soon become available for purchase on iTunes.  Yesterday afternoon, comedian Greg Morton entered Digital Insight Studios in Las Vegas, NV. and recorded his popular parody.  The song parody that has received over 4 million hits on You Tube will be available to the public for download.  Just in time for the 2012 Election.

‘Obama Man Can,’ capsulises the Obama presidency highlighting some of his greatest challenges as president.  The bank bail outs, the rescue of General Motors, his handling of the Gulf Oil Crisis and what many consider this administration’s out of control spending.

When asked if the song is pro Obama or con, Morton replied, “It’s whatever you bring to it.  Both listeners on the right and left seem to like it.  They have embraced it as their anthem.  The main thing is, that it’s funny, and everywhere I perform the song live, it gets huge laughs! ”

Obama Man Can will soon be available for download on iTunes, courtesy of Laughing Hyena Records.

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