Feb. 25-28 @GregMortonComic Performs @punchlinecomedy

Who is the comedian pictured in the Punchline Comedy Club logo?  “Now that’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard.”  It’s Groucho Marx of course.  Many young people may recognize the trademark nose-glasses, with thick eyebrows and moustache as a staple in novelty shops.  I remember him as one of the comedy greats, who inspired a long list of who’s who in comedy.  Woody Allen, Milton Berle, and Johnny Carson to name a few.  Groucho made 26 films.  13 with the Marx Brothers.  Movies like CocoaNuts, Horse Feathers, Duck Soup, A Night at the Opera, A Day at the Races, Monkey Business and my personal favourite, Animal Crackers.  He was also the host of ‘You Bet Your Life.’  Follow me on twitter @GregMortonComic .   All this week, I’ll be posting some of my favourite Groucho Marx one-liners!

It’s funny how all the great boxers have studied boxing history and yet many young comics today haven’t a clue who Groucho Marx is.  Comedy has changed so much since the early vaudeville days to its current night club and restaurant model.  It has become readily available thanks to online services like YouTube and Netflix, but nothing equals the energy and raw excitement of a live performance.  Let’s not lose our sense of community.  Let’s laugh and love together.  This weekend, let’s visit the Punchline.  
The Punchline
3652 Roswell Road NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30342

Located in the heart of metro area at 3652 Roswell Road – the intersection of Roswell and Piedmont Roads. Center.