Gregtoon 30's style

THIS WEEK!  The man of many cartoon voices comes to the Hartford, CT.  Funny Bone.

Take some stand-up comedy…  add a few vocal impressions, some improv and a couple of song parodies and you get one of the most unique and original acts to hit the Funny Bone circuit.  He holds the record for the most standing ovations at any comedy club.  If you enjoyed cartoons like Hammerman, The Scooby & Scrappy Doo Show, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Police Academy, the cartoon, Super Mario Bros. Super Show, Captain N. the Game Master, Hello Kitty, The New Flintstones, The New Archies, Garbage Pail Kids, and the Legend of Zelda, then this show is a must see!

Click the link above for showtimes and ticket information.

*Next month, Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club, Las Vegas.*

May 12-15 @GregMortonComic Returns to @funnyboneomaha

Is it cheesy to say that Greg Morton has an “animated presence?”   Not when you take into account his many cartoon credits. He has worked for Hanna-Barbera on The New Flintstones and The Scooby and Scrappy Doo Show.  He directed ABC”s Hammerman, and the Super Mario Brothers Super Show. He was also a v/o artist on Police Academy, the cartoon, and Hello Kitty!  ‘The Force Awakens,’ when Greg mixes a vast array of voices and facial reactions to perform his 2 min. Star Wars routine.  His impersonations of Mick Jagger, Tina Turner, Prince, and Madonna are a real show stopper, and his Donald Trump song parody has created civil unrest!  (Some people just don’t get satire.)  Visit the Funny Bone web site for more information and tickets.  Greg Morton Cartoon

@SyracuseFB Welcomes Back Mr. Standing O! May 6 – 8


Darlene says:

We saw you in Syracuse N.Y. area years ago and still talk about it ! your show was top knotch my friend ! When will you be back in New York State ?

Greg says:

How about this week?  May 6 – 8 2016  For those of you who haven’t seen my show, It’s a show like no other.  Wild, crazy, spontaneous and completely unpredictable.  Think Ellie Goulding’s song, Anything Can Happen.  Unless, you don’t care for that song.  Then you shouldn’t think of it at all.  Get your tickets now.  This is a show not to be missed!  Location: Syracuse Funny Bone  Show Dates: May 6 – 8  “Anything can happen, anything can happen, anything can happen, anything can happen, anything can happen, …SHADDAP!!!