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He’s back Toledo.  Mr. Standing O!  Greg Morton.  The most dynamic, comedic entertainer, on the club circuit today.   Here’s a short bio.

At age 4, Greg’s parents never worried about keeping him quiet.  “Just hand him a pencil and paper.  That’ll keep him quiet,” they said.  Well, relatively quiet.

Off to his room he went, spending hours at his desk, drawing cartoons, complete with voices and sound effects.   Mr. and Mrs. Morton beamed with pride.  They knew their son’s career path was set.  He was going to become a cartoonist like his idol, Charles M. Schulz.

In college, Greg and his classmates were anything but quiet.  After spending long hours at a desk, animating cartoons, they couldn’t wait to let off steam.  They partied just as hard as they worked.  Sometimes, harder.

One evening, their English professor organized a class trip to a local comedy club.  This really sparked Greg’s interest in comedy.  He wasn’t planning on switching careers, but after being shown a New York Times article about Catch a Rising Star, the seed had been planted.

Greg went on to enjoy great success as an animator, but he always felt things were a little too quiet.  Sitting at a desk, drawing cartoons was no longer fulfilling.  His side business as a mobile disc jockey had created some health problems, and the work he had picked up as a voice over artist, and director, was sporadic at best.

At age 30, he knew if he didn’t make a drastic change, he’d be stuck.  After reading a few Norman Vincent Peel books, and listening to a few Tony Robins tapes, both he and his wife sold everything, packed their bags, and moved to New York.

Things were not very quiet in New York.  In fact, the family hasn’t had any peace, since Greg left his desk and started his fifth career, on stage at Catch a Rising Star.


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