Great Fun! ON THE AIR with K-Mac & Reese @TheSportsShop1

K-Mac & Reese

This morning, I walked into what can only be described as the barbershop scene from Eddie Murphy’s, “Coming to America.”  The Sports Shop, with Reese and K-Mac on WDNC-AM, Buzz Sports Radio in Raleigh-Durham, NC. is the highest rated morning-drive sports talk show in the country hosted by two African-Americans.  Ah, … actually, it’s the only one in the country, hosted by two African-Americans!  I gotta give these guys props man.  They are entertaining as hell.  Quick, colorful, comic banter, without the dry, stat filled, who’s on the DL list B.S. you hear on the other sports talk shows.  This is a sports radio talk show FOR THE FANS and I give it my highest recommendation!

The show airs weekdays from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. ET. Here is a link to a news article describing our show (

This June, The Sports Shop will be celebrating its 6th anniversary!  Congratulations K-Mac (Kevin McClendon) and Reese (Erroll Reese)!  Well Done!

The Sports Shop’s official Twitter and Instagram handles are @thesportsshop1.

You can also follow Buzz Sports Radio on Twitter @buzzsportsradio and on Instagram @999thefan.

WNDC is owned by Capitol Broadcasting Company, an affiliate of CBS Sports Radio, NBC Sports Radio and ESPN Radio.  

*As you can see, All three of us like to eat!  That’s why I used the station logo to hide my gut.  😉

Give the Gift of Laughter on VD (Valentines Day) @ComedyOffBWay

OMG!  Valentines Day already?  Damn!  We just got finished Christmas!  What should I get her?  Chocolates??  Nah, too fattening!  Flowers???  They die the next day!  This may sound kinda dirty, but what if I get her something that would make her all warm and moist?  Heh, heh, yeah!  THAT’S IT!  I’ll take her to see comedian Greg Morton at Comedy Off Broadway.  She’ll laugh so hard, she’ll pee her pants!  sic

Comedy Off Broadway

(859) 271-JOKE (5653)

Located at

Lexington Green Mall (Lakeside)

161 Lexington Green Circle, #C4

Lexington, KY 40503

Comedy Off Broadway Greg Morton