Give the Gift of Laughter on VD (Valentines Day) @ComedyOffBWay

OMG!  Valentines Day already?  Damn!  We just got finished Christmas!  What should I get her?  Chocolates??  Nah, too fattening!  Flowers???  They die the next day!  This may sound kinda dirty, but what if I get her something that would make her all warm and moist?  Heh, heh, yeah!  THAT’S IT!  I’ll take her to see comedian Greg Morton at Comedy Off Broadway.  She’ll laugh so hard, she’ll pee her pants!  sic

Comedy Off Broadway

(859) 271-JOKE (5653)

Located at

Lexington Green Mall (Lakeside)

161 Lexington Green Circle, #C4

Lexington, KY 40503

Comedy Off Broadway Greg Morton