A Sam Hadding Cartoon.

Sam Hadding is a recent high school graduate who has autism.  This presented challenges in his life, but it never swayed him from his dreams of becoming a cartoonist/animator.  After placing in the top 10, of a film contest hosted by Ghetto Film School, he went on to complete two collaborations with YouTube channel, The Positive Autism.  

Sam is also a huge fan of America’s Got Talent.  Inspired by the vocal talents of AGT alumni, he has completed two more collaborations.  The first is a beautifully animated version of “Dear Father,” sung by season 11 finalist, Laura Bretan. The second film is with semi-finalist Greg Morton, who appeared on season 14, as an impressionist.  

He reached out to Greg a month ago, and after several email exchanges, found they were huge fans of slapstick humor. Sam quickly went to work, re-creating Greg Morton’s AGT audition, in this hilarious 2 minute, animated short!  

Sam is currently working on many other collaborations, including a short film that he wrote, animated, cast and directed himself, called… ???

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Visit Sam’s website.  SAM’S CARTOON LOT. and don’t forget to subscribe!